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“Water is the driving force of all nature.” —Leonardo Da Vinci

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About EDC Tanks

The EDC Tanks business is a proud South African organization established in 2016. Our driving force is to be an innovative organization in the field of rainwater and greywater harvesting products. We aim to become a leading innovator, manufacturer, and supplier of products in rainwater harvesting and greywater harvesting for residential, commercial, and industry solutions.


We have developed products in rainwater harvesting that have unique features, and it is our out of box thinking that will evolve conventional rainwater harvesting and greywater harvesting.


Our business philosophy is to constantly scan our environments, to meet our customer product requirements, service expectations, and pricing, and to constantly adapt our business to meet our customer needs. We will offer product solutions that have four balancing synergies in functionality, quality, affordability and aesthetics.


At EDC Tanks our business culture is built on principles such as integrity, reliability, sincerity and good corporate governance. We inspire our team to drive our business on the highest levels of professionalism and business deliverables, aimed at establishing long term relationships with our partners, suppliers and customers.


By encompassing our business strategy, our product strategy and our business culture, we aim to become a Leading and Admired Organization in South Africa and internationally.