Water in Crisis-South Africa


Water department fast tracks plans to deal with country’s water woes

By News24 • 26 October 2019


Joburg suffers in heatwave with stage two water restrictions

The South African • 25 October 2019


Eastern Cape to declare drought a disaster

By News24 • 23 October 2019

Gauteng water crisis

South Africa is facing a water crisis

By Staff• 20 October 2019


A perfect storm is gathering: South Africa’s perpetual water crisis

By Environment Monitoring Group• 12 September 2019


Why South Africans could be hit with huge water bills next year “Oh good, our water is getting more expensive” – Proposals to crank-up the tariffs could be in place within the next six months.

By The South African – 08 September 2019


Govt admits it may not be able to provide water for the country by 2030

By Eyewitness News – 30 August 2019