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In aspiring to revolutionize technology in rainwater harvesting, EDC Tanks has developed its innovative harvesting system designed to offer a total system solution for urban, rural and commercial applications.


Our unique design overcomes conventional rainwater harvesting limitations, providing you with a total rainwater harvesting system that is functionally effective, sleek and stylish.


The EDC System makes installation simple, reduces installation time, and reduces installation costs.


The EDC Tank Rainwater Harvesting System

The EDC System advents new technology in rainwater harvesting and introduces its latest product solutions that improves over conventional rainwater systems in Collection, Filtration, Storage and Distribution.



Designed in modular configuration, the EDC system can be built to consumer need and affordability. Presenting a sleek, stylish product solution, we are making rainwater harvesting simple, eloquent, practical and cost effective.



Harvester Tank

Harvester Tank

Bulk Tank

Bulk Tank

Rainwater Distribution Module (RDM)

Rainwater Distribution Module (RDM)

Eloquent Design

Slim and sleek, space saving design.

4-in 1 Solution

Functionally the Harvester Tank offers a host of smart features that encompasses collection, filtration, storage, distribution.

Robust and Durable

Manufactured with UV and antibacterial additives that prevent algae buildup and inhibits bacteria growth .

Harvester assembly
Simple installation

Modular and simple assembly for easy installation.

Aesthetically Practical

Slim and eloquent design for urban homes.

Cost Effective and Economical


The EDC TANKS Rainwater Harvesting System improves over conventional technology in,Collection, Filtration, Storage and Distribution.


The Harvester Tank presents a simple all in one product solution that replaces the need of a gutter downpipe.


This tank is not built for high water capacity but performs the intermediary tank that hosts a multitude of features and functional flexibility.


The unique filtration features a 2 stage stainless steel – self cleaning filter system.


Fitted as a cassette in the Harvester Tank the filter system is easily accessible for minor maintenance and checkups.


The Bulk Tank are our high capacity storage tanks that are manufactured modular for easy transportation and installation.


UV and antimicrobial additives prevent algae build up and inhibits microbial growth ensuring longer storage and usage periods.


The Harvester tanks bottom compartment can be fitted with different distribution modules depending on consumer needs.


The Rainwater Distribution Module(RDM) is an innovative rainwater pump utilizing a supplementary combination of both harvested rainwater and municipal water to fill toilets.



Dual Impeller

Our Dual Impeller is designed to create high velocity hot and cold water pressure to showers with no additional electricity cost.

Water Tanks

The EDC Range of tanks includes the Rainwater Harvester Tank as well as the EDC Bulk Tank.

Urinal Solution

EDC Tanks offers a unique decentralized, disinfectant dosing system especially designed for multi-urinal application.


EDC Tanks has a solution to overcome low water pressure when showering.

Our latest dual impeller product is designed to assist in pressurizing solar power geysers.


The EDC Range of tanks includes the Rainwater Harvester Tank, the EDC Bulk Tank as well as the EDC Total Rainwater Solution.


Rainwater Harvester Tank


60l capacity– includes 2 stage filtration system and can be retrofitted to existing gutter systems with minimal disruption.

Bulk Tank

Comprises limitless combination of slim modular Harvester Tanks that can be wall mounted to any building in various configurations from single storey to high rise buildings depending on demand requirements.

EDC Total Tank Solution


Which includes a 4 in 1 solution –Collection, Filtration, Distribution and Storage encompassing the Rainwater Harvester Tank, the Bulk Tank as well as 2 stage Filtration and Distribution via PDM system.


Decentralized hygiene solutions for urinals


The EDC Urinal Solution is an innovative and efficient cleaning & dosing dispensing system, providing decentralised programmable maintenance for multi urinal fixtures in a cost effective manner.

Pump Solution

The PDM uses no electricity to pump harvested rainwater to toilet cisterns for flushing.

Filter Solutions

EDC Tanks offer a range of filtration systems from our very own 2 stage filtration set up housed in the Harvester Tank.

Grey Water Cycle Machine

In development phase.


The PDM uses no electricity to pump stored water for non-potable usage for toilet cistern flushing

The innovative and patented Pressure Distribution module or PDM uses pressurised municipal water to distribute water to toilet cisterns for flushing. The PDM pump system is versatile and can also be used as an stand-alone independent solution to effectively distribute water from your existing storage tanks.


EDC Tanks offers a range of filtration systems to cater for various applications from domestic use to larger industrial applications.

EDC’s full range of environmentally products include household water purifiers, reverse osmosis systems, water softeners as well all related consumables.


Currently in development phase.



Product Solutions

EDC Tanks product solutions are designed to offer consumers a simple, cost effective way to harvest rain.

Expert Engineer

Our experienced engineering team are a multi-disciplined group, offering their vast knowledge to provide you with the most practical way of harvesting rainwater as well as all related solutions.

Installation and Maintenance

EDC Tanks has a professional installation team to do project based installation for corporate industry.

Customer Support

Contact any of our helpful staff to discuss how we can find the most efficient solution for your application. We provide fast, free support for EDC Tanks products.

Products and Services

EDC Tanks offers a range of products for harvesting rainwater. We believe in providing comprehensive solutions, which is why we offer everything from tanks to pump and filtration solutions for a various uses.

Advance Technology

EDC Tanks is able to offer holistic solutions. We offer the latest technology to ensure that advanced and current technologies complete our product offering.

Effective 2 Stage Water Filtration System Offering High Quality Water.


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